Kick off with Yourstylerocks

WordPress suggested a start-post with the header “Hello World”, so:

Hello World!

This is going to be an experiment, for you see, I hate writing. Sometime during highschool and University I lost my love for writing down things. Add some not so nice experiences with e-mails and you got yourself a university dropout on account of not being able to write a thesis.

Luckily I was able to force myself to apply for internships and got one in a place where they forced me to write. Ever since I worked as a librarian and even managed to get a degree, yay! So my fear of writing has partially gone, but I still don’t enjoy it all that much. So here I practice writing a little bit. It’s super helpful to know nobody will read this, and that there are no restrictions regarding style and grammar and such things.

But first and foremost I want a place to brag about the things I make: clothes, food and travels. So here goes:

I’m always on the lookout for independent sewing pattern companies, as they often have more original patterns and somehow are more relatable. So recently I found the website Your Style Rocks which features some lovely and also FREE downloadable patterns. The Eva dress seemed quite straight-forward, so I tried it with a polyester blend Jersey I’d had in my stash for years. The pattern was as straight forward as I imagined and the outcome is great.

Enjoying the rare sun of Paris

What I really liked about this pattern is the fact that the back also has some details and is not just another bland dress with darts, but with folds. Which should count double, because I don’t seem to be able to sew two darts that are the same length.

A lovely backside…

The button is there to hide the hole I made when unpicking the tuck.

Aside from the back, I really looooved the front. I’m in love with all things cowlneck at the moment. Also the sash like thing at the waist is really eyecatching.

Closeup uf cowl and waist pleats

I swore to myself to make more of these dresses. However, I put myself on a sewing hiatus, as I have a move to Finland to organize and so no time for sewing. Instead I’ll console myself by blogging about the stuff I already made.