Made Long Ago, Found While Preparing for the Move

So, the move to Finland is fast approaching, which means I have no time to sew. However, many a thing hidden in my drawers for a long time is coming to the light of day again. (Due to having to sort through my stuff to fit that crazy 20 box limit I set myself). So here you see a top I made very quickly after the magazine came out, I think.

Burdastyle magazine 07-2009 top 124A

Yes, the pattern is from a dependent big pattern company (as opposed to independent small pattern companies, such as Sewaholic, Colette or Victory Patterns). But, you see, the greatest mum ever (e.g. mine) gave me a Burdastyle magazine subscription for Christmas 2008.

So this top caught my eye becuse it seemed very easy, but still a bit unusual. It was very easy, though I hadn’t sewn a lot of knits at that stage of my (non-existent) sewing career. It came out exactly the way I wanted it to. What I hadn’t considered before, though, was the fact that you cannot really wear a bra with it. (d’oh!)

Pretty deep back leads to non-bra-wearing

So I didn’t wear it very often since it came into existence. Fast forward 3 (oh, wow!) years, to the purging of unneccessary clothing items before The Move. In the meantime I lost some weight and consequently some cupsizes. So when I put it on I found that nothing is jiggling even without bra. Yay!

Non-jiggly sideview

On this last picture you can see the way it wraps from the back to the front. There is also a maxi dress version of this pattern. I am seriously contemplating doing that as well, but we will see how many summer dresses I will need in Finland…


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