Sunny Day

Last Sunday was the sunniest day since I arrived here. I took the opportunity and my bike and spent most of the afternoon cycling around the Jyväsjärvi (another lake close to home). I took the camera, but forgot to charge the battery, so I only have pictures of the first half of the mini-trip. Here are some impressions of the southeastern part of the Jyväsjärvi:

Near the "Neverending Bridge" close to home

Near the “Neverending Bridge” Close to Home

A Public Orchard (Don’t Know the Name)

East End of Jyväsjärvi – With Beautiful View of the City

Plenty of Wooden Nature Around

View From the Northeastern Part – Including U.F.O.

That’s it for now. It’s good I took advantage of the day. It’s rained every day since then. This made me realise that I forgot my rubber boots in Switzerland. To Quote Homer: “D’oh!”


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