Apartment Update

Let’s celebrate! We managed to completely furnish one room in our apartment, and here it is:

The Sauna! – Complete With Bucket, Thermometer and Sand Timer

Kidding aside: we managed to put order in most of the apartment and apart from the sauna, most rooms are (nearly) done. The room that doesn’t require any more attention (apart from cleaning) is the one you will see first when visiting:

Entrance to Our Pad

I like that we seem to be able to maintain a sufficient degree of organisation here. I have to admit, however, that not all of my shoes reside here. Most of them are actually in the “off season closet”, as most of them are sandals and/or highheels.

The rest of our home is coming together quite nicely. The guest room is mostly finished. I’m just debating if I should hang the pictures of my loved ones here or in our bedroom.

Almost Done – The Guest Room

With all the whites and blues going on here, it seems a little cold, so maybe I’ll also add a contrasting rug or carpet.

The biggest contrast to the last home tour, however, is the living room:

The Living Room – Too Empty to Be Cosy

I like the difference a lot! Even though it looks bare in these pictures, we spend a lot of time in this room. The sofa is very comfortable, despite the fact that it is a sleeping couch. We took a loooooong time to decide on it (4 weeks of going sofa shopping…), but I’m really happy with it. I’m also extremely happy with the lamps. The one hanging from the ceiling was a lot of fun to assemble. The one beside the sofa is a genuine 50’s/60’s lamp we got for free from a friend.

One more room to show you:

The Sunroom – a.k.a. the Mathematician’s Room

The round chair is our newest acquisition, so now the room is actually used for it’s intended purpose: doing mathematics! I really enjoy cooking in the adjacent kitchen while maths is being discovered and discussed.

Talking of the kitchen: it’s very functional now that all the utensils have found a place, but doesn’t look any different from last time, so I’ll save the upload space. I’ll spare you the bedroom, as that’s still pretty much a mess. I might do a post on that sometime in the future, though.


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