Extremely Short Trip

As the title says, PB and I went on an extremely short visit to the other end of Europe: Sicily. I enjoyed the trip immensely, as it’s quickly getting darker around here. It took us quite a lot of flying around to get there, though. As we were a bit late in booking, the direct flights (that is, direct from Helsinki) were a bit on the expensive side. In the end we found a way of flying to Catania for about 400€ each. However, we had to change airplanes in Stockholm and Milano, with one hour hanging around the airport in between. On the way down, we also had to re-check our luggage in Milano. In the end, it was worth all that, for the weather was magnificent! It was sunny all three days we were there, and I even got a sunburn. At the end of October! But see for yourselves:

Poser Alert! – In Front of Santuario Madonna di Montalto in Messina

You might wonder why we’re all dressed up. Well, the occasion of this trip was to attend a wedding, my first Sicilian one!

The Gorgeous Bride

Apart from the bride, also the setting was beautiful:

Santuario Madonna di Montalto – From the Inside

Last time I was here (two years ago) the church was closed due to renovation. I really like the colours, pastel blue and yellow are my favourite combination.

The wedding was really nice, even though (because?) I didn’t understand all that was said. After the ceremony we went to a garden location for the reception. There were flowers blooming and even some cactei bearing fruit. I was so absorbed by the delicious food that got served, though, that I forgot to take pictures of the setting.

The next day we took the opportunity to go to the beach. The water was still warm enough to swim:

PB Enjoying Himself

Apart from the birds there were not many other living creatures around. Some of PB summer friends came a bit later for a BBQ. I got sidetracked by the food again, unsurprisingly. In the evening PB organised a little surprise for me: I got to ride in my favourite car:

Fiat 500 – Cutest Car That Ever Was Built

That picture was just for posing, I didn’t really drive it. But one day I will own and drive a 500 myself!

The last day of our visit was dedicated to PB’s friends and family. PB’s Latin tutor took us up the hills behind Messina. It was beautiful, and crocuses were blooming everywhere! We picked some for PB’s nonna, with whom we stayed for the whole time.

View Over Messina – Plus Some Mainland in the Background

Of course we ate a lot that day. And of course it was delicious. I got PB to promise that we do something like this trip every year.

It was the perfect little getaway, with nice weather, people and food. I’m glad we did it, because the day after we got home this is what happened:

Our First Finnish Snow


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