Winter Is Here

So, yeah, what it says in the title. On Monday a week ago we still had relatively warm temperatures (meaning in the plus degrees section). But then on Thursday and Friday, just when my Mam was due to arrive, a snowstorm hit. I have to confess, though, that I didn’t really experience it, as I took off of the duty of going outdoors for half an hour those two days.

We were obviously not the only ones getting snow. My Mam’s flight was  already one hour late departing from Switzerland, due to snow. In Helsinki, where she had to change planes, the delay increased to two hours. In the end she arrived at our home at 3.30 am instead of around 1. Saturday was freezing! As was Sunday. We got temperatures around -20°C. It wasn’t the first time I experienced temperatures like that, but the first time when I actually had to do things. Let me tell you: I don’t like it much. Here’s why:

Frozen Lashes - *shiver*

Frozen Hair and Lashes – *shiver*

Strangeley enough my Sicilian PB seems to enjoy it at lot:

Yay, snow! And Ice!

Yay, Snow! And Ice!

However, on the upside, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the sun shone all day (which currently lasts from 9.30 to 14.30), so I took the opportunity to get some vitamin D and to take some sugary pictures:

View From Livingroom

View From Livingroom

One of the Cutest Houses in Town

One of the Prettiest Houses in Town

Sun is Already Setting - at two thirty...

Sun is Already Setting – at two thirty…

Jyväsjärvi - somewhere under all that snow there's a lake

Jyväsjärvi – somewhere under all that snow there’s a lake

Before Sunrise on Saturday

Before Sunrise on Saturday

Well, it’s gonna be better soon, in only 3 months I will be enjoying the warmth again. Though it won’t be in Finland.


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