The First Semester – It’s Done!

Well, almost. I managed to do all course assignments before they were due, except one, which isn’t due yet, so I guess I’m on my way to the above statement being true. (<- what a long sentence) All in all being back to school was considerably less pain- and stressful than I had anticipated.

However, what is truly completely done is my procrastination project. The one I mentioned in an earlier post. Also, the second procrastination project mentioned there is finished (it actually was finished the next day…)

Here is my first knitted wearable garment (though I’ve made socks, hats and scarves before):

St. James Sewater

St. James Sewater – Ravelry pattern here

It’s the same from the front and the back, so it’s easy to wear. I’m mostly happy with it because the horizontal fit is great, but it’s a bit short. I got inspired to make it after I read a post by super cute Tasia from Sewaholic Patterns. (When I grow up, I want to be her.) I liked that she said it was super easy and when I found out that the sweater is knittet all in one without seams, I was entirely convinced. Then I found this nice (though acrylic) yarn at Sokos for 2€ a skein (I only needed 3 skeins) and on I went. So this sweater is a first try to see if it would fit. I’ll make it in a nicer yarn some day, maybe even this winter, who knows.

The second procrastination project is a Sorbetto from Colette Patterns. I love this independent pattern company, even though they serve a body type that is different from mine. I made another pattern by them before (the Crepe, here’s my post on Burdastyle about it) and it is entirely too large in the bust. But hey, it looks blousy and sometimes even intentionally so… But here is my newest Colette make:

The Sorbetto top - it's a free download, but you probably knew that already...

The Sorbetto top – it’s a free downloadable pattern, but you probably knew that already…

Sorbetto Back View - sorry for the wrinkles

Sorbetto Back View – sorry for the wrinkles

It calls for bias tape, and again, I made my own (following Sarai’s tutorial). Originally the bias tape would be topstitched in place, but I liked the clean look without topstitching and I needed some procrastination time. So I sewed it on from the inside by hand with catchstitches. Here’s how nice and clean it looks from the outside:

Sorbetto Closeup - ain't it neat?

Sorbetto Closeup – ain’t it neat?

Unfortunately the pictures are not so good, so you will have to believe me that the front pleat and bias tape are the shiny side of the silk, the rest of the top is the matte side.

It seems that if I keep myself busy, I will be more productive. Or at least that’s what I’m trying to establish so I don’t feel so bad about doing non-necessary stuff. I’m in a sewing frenzy at the moment, trying to catch up with the sewing I didn’t do during the last half year. I already finished two more dresses, but I’ll write about them later, because this post is getting awfully long…


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