Getting Bored Of My Trips Yet?

Well, here’s a short relief before I have another post of our trip to St. Petersburg and the week in a mökki in Finland. After Hawaii, it was already time to go back home, where I enjoyed a week alone in our apartment. It was weird not having anyone around me, but also kind of relaxing. I used the time to finish two dresses and kind of finish a cardigan, all of which I had started back in LA. First an infinity dress that I had cut, not thinking about the fact that I needed a serger, or at least a zigzag machine for it.

Infitinty Maxi Dress - My favourite this summer so far

Infitinty Maxi Dress – My favourite this summer so far

This is one of the dresses that are extremely fast and easy to make, but look really impressive. When I was wearing another (shorter red) version of this dress a lady stopped me in the middle of the street to ask where I got it. Notably in Switzerland where YOU DON’T DO SUCH THINGS! I was so proud of myself (even if the lady in question was Dutch). I very loosely followed the instructions by Rostitchery. I obviously made mine maxi, not knee length as hers. I didn’t have enough fabric to do the circle skirt in maxi length, so used a pleated rectangle of fabric for the skirt instead. I laso lengthened the waistband, so it works as a tube top and thus gives more coverage. Here’s the back view:

Infinity Maxi Dress - Grecian goddess style

Infinity Maxi Dress – Grecian goddess style

Then I plunged headfirst into sewing up the Colette Chantilly dress. I found this gorgeous grey and lilac cotton voile? lawn? at Fabric Planet in Venice. It was end of the bolt, and I had to cheat with the pattern pieces quite a bit, but that worked out ok. What didn’t, however, was the fit. Once again.

Colette Chantilly - It would be lovely with a larger bust

Colette Chantilly – It would be lovely with a larger bust

I should know that Colette don’t fit my average bust, as they are designed for bigger busts. I was just so excited about the fabric and the pattern that I ignored that knowledge. Note to self: Next time try to go with the bust measurement and let out the darts to fit the waist. Maybe that’s easier to do than a SBA? (She says, hoping against reason).

Maybe next time I should go down a size, as the waist is also a bit big, as well as the back. Here’s the evidence:

Colette Chantilly - Ill-fitting bust

Colette Chantilly – ill-fitting bust

Colette Chantilly - baggy back

Colette Chantilly – baggy back

Colette Chantilly - wide waist (I love my alliterations!)

Colette Chantilly – wide waist (I love alliterations!)

As I love the fabric, I will hang the dress in the closet and wait for some weight gain (which will undoubtedly happen at some point in the future).

Then I finished knitting the PeggySue cardigan (Ravelry pattern link).

PeggySue Cardigan - I love this colour!

PeggySue Cardigan – I love this colour!

I even weaved in all the ends (which I unreasnably hate doing) and sewed on buttons. Only the buttons were too small and undid themselves immediately after buttoning. So off they came again. I will have to find some bigger ones in Fall when I’m back. Here’s the back view:

PEggySue Cardigan - would fit perfectly with the Chantilly. Oh, well.

PEggySue Cardigan – would fit perfectly with the Chantilly. Oh, well.

So that’s what I did in one week. Apart from laundry, meeting up with friends and wasting a lot of time on Youtube. Then PB and my Mamma and Sister arrived and the quiet times were (luckily) over.

BTW: the colourful pouf in the pictures above is made from Marimekko fabric I got from PB’s father in January. It’s still not filled enough and kind of wobbly to sit on, but I have already some ides how that can be improved. I love how it adds even more colour to our home! I also went to Ikea with my Mamma and got some more furniture, so I feel an apartment update coming on…


6 thoughts on “Getting Bored Of My Trips Yet?

  1. That infinity dress looks awesome on you! Love the fabric and fit. Too bad the Collette dress didn’t fit as well. It looks very well made nonetheless… Love the colour of your cardigan as well. What yarn did you use for it?


    • Thank you! The great thing about the infinity dress is that it always fits. I will fit into the colette, I just have to eat more. As I am now at PB’s parents place in Sicily that will happen without force. 😉
      The yarn I used is KnitPicks palette in fairytale. It’s a bit scratchy and warm for the moment, though.


  2. Just googling around to see if the chantilly dress suited those with a less generous bust – ie me – and found your blog post. I have to say, you’ve probably convinced me it’s not the dress for me. Meanwhile, you in that infinity dress – WOW! You look like two different people in those two different dresses.


    • Yeah, I guess Colette patterns aren’t really made for us not quite “overflowing” ladies without a ton of alterations… Oh, well, there’s plenty other pattern companies out there!
      Thank you though, for the compliment on the infinity dress!

      Oooh, I just went to check your blog and I love the Lego party! I might steal that idea for my boyfriend’s next birthday!


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