Fixing And Finishing

PB’s Mamma has emphatically been requesting this post, so a sewing post it is again. Next one will be a food one, I promise!

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but the first 6 weeks of being back home, I was home alone. PB was working and attending conferences in Italy, and I had to prepare for the exam. But of course I couldn’t just study. I took advantage of being alone and would sew every day and mess up the whole apartment in the process.

I’d had ordered the Sewaholic Saltspring dress shortly before returning and immediately set out to make it. I was a good girl and used some silk/cotton blend poplin from the stash (originally intended for a Sencha). As I didn’t have a lot, I made the shorter version.

Sewaholic Saltspring

Sewaholic Saltspring – I just love the colour!

I hadn’t been sure whether this silhouette would suit me, but was convinced after seeing this picture. I didn’t have plans on making any more, because winter was/is approaching and I should be sewing winter stuff, not more summer dresses. But then I came across this Hawaiian print I brought home from our trip there when trying to find something else (which I still haven’t found). Plus I still hadn’t put away the pattern pieces, so it was clearly meant to be. I thought the print begged to be made into the maxi version:

Two Saltsprings Side By Side

Two Saltsprings Side By Side

I though it would be nice to see the two versions together, hence the above picture. I did a review of this pattern on, here’s the link to it: Saltspring pattern review.

Then I realised I still hadn’t made the lounge pants I had been planning to make since September 2011 (eek!). I had all of the necessary ingredients, so finally traced the pattern from the Burda Style magazine 08/2011. I hate tracing, so that’s what usually keeps me from starting a project (I trace all patterns). After this was done, the pants came together really quickly.

Stylish Lounge Pants – Burda Style 08/2011 #130

I still don’t know how to make interesting and/or artistic selfies, so tried to emulate the model’s pose from the magazine. I wrote a bit more about this project (plus more pictures) on burdastyle.

Speaking of taking my time to execute my sewing plans. Cake Patterns have just announced the 1 year anniversary of their first pattern, the Tiramisu dress. Incidentally, I had made my first version just three weeks before. I had planned to blog about it including a tiramisu recipe. However, I didn’t  have good pictures of the food version, so postponed. I will upload the recipe at one point, but for now there’s just the dress:

Cake Patterns Tiramisu Dress - Happy Birthday!

Cake Patterns Tiramisu Dress – Happy Birthday! (Sorry for the crappy picture)

Again, I was a good girl and used stash fabric, which incidentally also was intended for a top. Why I would buy so much fabric for a top eludes me now, especially as it wasn’t cheap fabric. But I’m the happier for it now!

Seeing as how I was in a sewing frenzy, I turned my attention to things I had meant to fix for AGES (sounds familiar?). First, a Sewaholic Cambie dress I had made in summer 2012. Unfortunately, with this dress, my vanity got the best of me. Being used to going down one size from the Burda patterns, I looked at the finished measurements of the cambie and decided that size 4 was ideal (nope, 8 it would be). That was also before I found out about why you should add ease in a garment. Thanks to this dress, I now know why. While it was ok to wear while standing and walking, sitting got very uncomfortable very quickly. I looked fabulous, though:

Sewaholic Cambie Dress - Too tight!

Sewaholic Cambie Dress – Too tight!

The uncomfortableness is kind of visible in this picture. *suck in stomach* So I unpicked most of the dress, let out the front and back darts and added a new waistband:

Sewaholic Cambie Dress - Much better

Sewaholic Cambie Dress – Much better

Not as bombshell-alicious, but much more wearable! Then I tackled the dress with the opposite problem. The baggy Colette Chantilly. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to unpick anything to fix this. I essentially just took in the back bodice at the darts by a total of 3cm. Add in a new (padded) bra, and the dress fits much better now:

Streamlined Colette Chantilly

Streamlined Colette Chantilly

I also hemmed it, thus it’s a bit shorter than in the previous post. Now it’s fixed, I actually wear it (even with the cold weather we have at the moment). I combined it with tights and the PeggySue cardigan (now with buttons) to go to class, and got told by a classmate that I looked fabulous (his words). Ergo: it’s my favourite dress at the moment!

I got a bit exhausted after that and wanted something less prone to rushing. So I started to knit yet another sweater. One that would go with the stylish lounge pants. I had bought the yarn back in LA (free shipping…). It had been intended for a Sweatshirt Sweater, but I can’t seem to stick to any plans. I had also meant to try an Idlewood after I saw Tasia’s version. It’s a very unusual colour for me, but I kind of like it:

Yellow Idlewood - long sleeved, obviously

Yellow Idlewood – long sleeved, obviously (Ravelry notes here)

And that’s it. That’s what I made since coming back home. I am currently making an Anna dress (the pattern has finally arrived). I have to be careful with cutting the skirt pieces, as I have very little fabric. So I am stalling a bit. But for now: Have a good one!


17 thoughts on “Fixing And Finishing

  1. Wow, you’ve been very productive! Love all those dresses and pant. I can’t even decide which I like best! The colour of the blue Saltspring looks so good with that red belt, I LOVE that floral Hawaiian print, the pants look so stylish, the aligned stripes on the Tiramisu can only be described as amazing, the aqua and sweetheart neckline of the cambie dress is so lovely on you and I have seen the Chantilly dress in that combination (before it was streamlined) so I can attest to how gorgeous it looks, especially now that it fits better. And that knit is the cherry on top of the cake. Wow!


  2. Wowsa! You’ve been so busy! I love those Saltspring dresses (especially the Hawaiian one – I’m such a sucker for prints!) and the Tiramisu and lounge pants are fantastic! The Cambie is so beautiful on you – that colour is perfect – and I think it looks even better with a waistband! And you knit so fast! I’m making my sister a cardigan and it’s nearly finished, but it’s taken me over a month already! I love the colour of your Idlewild! You are a one woman styling machine!!


    • Thank you! I am not usually so productive, but being alone at home, not having to take care of cooking if I didn’t want to, and being free to go to bed whenever I wanted, was just perfect to be at it so much. Now with PB back, courses and social life back to normal, I don’t get much done anymore. But I enjoy all these things a lot, so it’s very ok with me. 😀
      I love prints too! It’s just difficult for me to know which are going to look great on me and combined with each other. For all of my teens and early twenties I wore mostly black (I loved how dramatic it looked). Now I’m fed up with black, but still stick to solids. I admire people like you who just get it right every time.


      • We sound very similar! Whenever Ray is away, all I eat is muesli and oatcakes, the flat gets ignored, and I sew and knit all day in my kimono! I’m not so classy those days, but I’m sure you are! 🙂

        I do love prints, but maybe a little too much! I’ve actually just sewn a pair of plain trousers because all of mine are too brightly patterned to wear with my brightly patterned tops – I look like a walking print book! I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything black, but my best friend constantly did and it really suited her! It used to make me look very very sick because I was so pale in the UK, but maybe I could get away with it now… I wish my prints always worked out!! I only post the ones that did and I wear the others when I’m home alone!


      • Well, I wasn’t very stylish up until I made those pants, so there you have that…
        When Tasia was writing about “Not enough cake!” I thought to myself, “well, for me it’s quite the opposite, too much cake, not enough frosting!”. I have alot of plain navy and grey coloured basics, so essentially a rather boring wardrobe.
        Lookingback, black didn’t suit me at all either. I looked pretty scary, but then “deadly palour” was the look I was hoping for in my hillbilly-goth style. 😀


    • Thank you!
      It is a lot of sewing indeed! But now that my boyfriend is back, my everyday duties kind of get in the way (like preparing food and socialising) so I haven’t sewn a thing in October yet.


  3. willi grad überhaupt nid mag läse, luegi eifach alli föteli a und schrib dir, wie schön a) dini sälbergmachte sache sin und b) du! ❤ 🙂


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