(Twinkly)Lights In The Darkness

The Jolly Season Is Upon Us!

Of course I have been complaining about the cold for way too long now. BUT! here are some things I actually like about this season of ever receding light. For one, the twinkly lights are out, and because it’s dark for most of the day, you can actually enjoy them longer! As you can see above, Jyväskylä isn’t really dark at “night” (this was taken at 3.30pm). Indeed it boasts being the “City of Lights“. Apart from the city center, there are many other areas that are illuminated, such as the “never-ending-bridge”:

Never Ending Bridge by Night

Or then, this organic looking sculpture in front of the natural science campus:

Illuminated Sculpture

I quite like that there is light beyond necessity. It kind of makes the city feel friendlier, but also kind of futuristic. There are many installations I haven’t discovered yet. Knowing that helps me keep an open eye for my surroundings, which is something that makes me appreciate them more. Yes, even in winter. Speaking of which: It has arrived! It was fairly warm for November (which means around 5˚C) and raining. So it was dark at night, and grey during the day. But then it finally snowed! One year ago I couldn’t quite understand the Finnish enthusiasm for snow. But having spent two Autumns here, I now understand what a difference the snow makes. Snow means that the light of the street lamps is reflected, and it is suddenly a lot brighter. Plus, there are other advantages, as I have pointed out before. This year, it’s still a lot warmer than last year, so we get the dreaded melting and freezing. As a (unokwn to me) Finn said on facebook: “You don’t know what fear is before you have been out today.” Pure ice, disguised by some freshly fallen snow.

But for me this is already over, I’m currently sitting in sunny and relatively warm Rome, waiting for the airplane to go to Switzerland.  However, I wanted to show you the beautiful lights of Jyväskylä before Christmas. Have happy holidays, if you celebrate them, otherwise:

Happy Solstice!


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