Could I Be Addicted?

It seems I have a severe sewing addiction. When packing for the Christmas holidays, I included several patterns that I need to trace. More patterns in fact, than clothes. Not in volume, but in number. Since this is the step I dislike the most, I figured, I’d take the advantage of not having a sewing machine around, but still get something done sewing-wise.

Then, as soon as I arrived in Switzerland, I bought the January edition of Burda Style magazine. Of course I went to this awesome fabric store in Winterthur (the one I bought the fabric for the Voyager shirt from) and might have bought 10 meters of different colourful jersey (Ooops! Destashing seems impossible…). Two of these ten meters were a purple/off-white stripe viscose/elasthane, destined for top 122 on the cover of said Burda magazine.

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 – front view

When I confessed about all of the fabric to my Mamma, she said: “If you want, I’ll bring my sewing machine along for the Christmas holidays.”


So on Sunday before Christmas I went to work, and within 1 day I had a new (stroke inducing when viewed on skype) shirt. I loved the effect the gathering gives to the striped fabric:

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 – front detail

It was super easy and fast to put together. Matching the stripes took some time, granted, but I think that’s what makes the difference between “nice” and “WOW!”. Plus, it makes me proud and happy. So there!

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 -matched stripes side view

I really like the construction details of this top, even from the back, where stripe matching was impossible/unneccessary:

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 – back view

So it seems I can’t even spend ten days without sewing. Should I worry?

(P.S: My life is currently awesome, as these pictures were taken today at 20°C in the Circus Maximus, with the Palatin in the background.)


17 thoughts on “Could I Be Addicted?

  1. Your dress is gorgeous. And it is gorgeous on you, too. What a wonderful job. I have some knit fabric that needs matching and you are truly an inspiration.
    Enjoy your beautiful weather. I’m in the Twin City area in Minnesota and we have a -40 Wind chill. So guess what – – – I am sewing today.
    I think I am a muslin addict. I am working on my fifth pants muslin. I know how to rip seams really well now. If the pants don’t fit this time, I am going to try something else. I am taking the Craftsy Course and so far I don’t know what to think. It’s really tough when you don’t have anyone to help you.


    • Thank you so much. I love how jersey fabrics are THE easiest to fit. Minimal effort required.
      I can’t imagine fitting pants without help, you’re so brave! Not having anyone around to help has kept me from sewing more complex fitting projects. (I’m such a chicken :()
      But good luck with the pants!


  2. WOW indeed! And I can’t help noticing the clear blue skies… Looks like summer over there! Be mentally prepared when you come back, though. No snow in Jan here = dark short days. Pack lots of sunshine!


  3. Ok, maybe I’m a dummy, but where are these photos taken? Is this in Rome? I love your top. There are so many great versions of this pattern in the blog world right now. You did a very nice job!


  4. That looks amazing on you. Excellent job matching and not matching stripes. It’s very striking and flattering! Did you get a lot of jersey when you were in Los Angeles?


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