I spoke too soon…

Well, more than a month has passed since my last post and I haven’t sewn one single item. Nothing. So the addiction can not be too pronounced, I guess. I did start a knitting project, though. A small one I usually take to the weekly knitting group here in Jyväskylä, which I love on account of all the other expat ladies!

The reason? I’m currently writing (and stressing about) my master thesis, which is due in May and I’m already behind in my schedule. I am also colossally tired and sleep around 12 hours a day. Add to that lessons almost every day, plus one afternoon of (unpaid) internship and I don’t get nearly as much time as I’d like. Therefore I feel extremely guilty whenever I do something sewing related (plus, my cutting table is a mess!), so I don’t even start. But I hope after this week the tiredness will subside a little and I’m going to be back to my old self. Moreover, as soon as I’m done with the current chapter, the bulk of the work will be done, I hope. (Giving myself a pep talk here…) 😉

BUT! Not all is bad! PB and I are going to go on an extremely short (3 days) trip to Lapland. We booked a glass igloo for one night. Let’s hope there’ll be auroras! The other nights we’ll spend in overnight trains coming and going. I’m sooo looking forward to this, it’s unreal. 😀

So, don’t expect too many updates, as I will be getting busier and busier with my thesis. Come May, all will be better, and I will certainly start sewing again! (Hopefully earlier, than May, though) I have a big wardrobe challenge ahead of me this summer.


4 thoughts on “I spoke too soon…

  1. Those glass igloos look amazing!! Lucky you being close enough to go there. Hang in there with the masters, it will feel good when it is done. Knitting is good – it’s nice to have a project where you can see what you’ve achieved as you do it, academic work is not always like that! Best wishes!


    • I am so excited to go there!
      It’s already getting better with the tiredness, and I did a lot of progress this week (yay for small steps!).
      I love knitting for exactly the same reasons (plus the meditative aspect)!


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