Making Clothes Again

Yep, I sewed. I finally managed to get myself out of my slump. Maybe it helped that the sun had been shining for three days in a row. Or maybe it was Tasia’s post on her bra making class. Or the fact that, despite the sun, it is still too cold to wear my “swirly top” (as nishiink named it) on its own and I needed a white layering shirt. Anyway, I made two garments, taking full advantage of the fact that PB was out of town, and my newish (and empty) cutting table:

Ikea Hemnes Daybed + Door ( – Handle) = Cutting Table – Ideal height for lazylinchen

First, I made the aforementioned layering shirt, using BurdaStyle pattern #112 from the February 2010 issue (I had previously made a pyjama top with it, so didn’t have to trace). Re-making things is a good way to get me sewing, I should remember that more often. The top is nothing special, it’s just “cake“. I was joking recently that I mostly sew cake, not enough frosting, which results in a mostly gray and navy and very boring wardrobe. Anyway, the top has a boatneck and raglan sleeves and is therefore perfect to be layered under the swirly top:

BurdaStyle magazine top #112 02/2010

It was very easy to put together, all in all it took me maybe 2 hours (with breaks for youtube inbetween).

But speaking of wardrobe staples: I made my first bra!

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Nautical style

It’s not my first time sewing underthings, as I made quite a lot of cheeky panties already (it’s a great free pattern and sooooo comfortable!). But this was my first try at a bra.

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Back view

As with the cheeky panties, the verdict is: sooooo comfortable! I used the Jasmine pattern from Ohhh Lulu. It consists of only three pattern pieces and is insanely easy to sew. I used some jersey remnants from my gray layering shirt and a shirt I never blogged. I slightly changed the pattern layout as I wanted to have chevrons in the front. For that I cut the fron center panels on the bias instead of on the straight grain. I also used some ribbon to cover how I attached the straps:

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Back detail

I attached the straps in the back last, because I didn’t have the rings and doodads needed to make an adjustable strap. But to be honest, it fits so well I wouldn’t even need the straps. So next version is going to be strapless. While this looks rather nice, I also wanted to make it completely reversible, just to see if I could. So I did!

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Reverse side

This side is admittedly less exciting, but I am proud nontheless that it worked! And that’s also the reason why I didn’t put in any bra closure (though I had one).

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Reverse side back view

I am blogging this a week late, but I just needed to share! I see many more of the bras in my future life, as I really started to detest wearing underwire bras. This is comfortable and still gives me enough support. Plus, it’s a great project to use up those scraps! But enough said for now, I’ll be back soon with a post about our second trip to Lapland!


21 thoughts on “Making Clothes Again

  1. Looking at your pictures, I was wondering if the fitting doll (can’t remember the right name for the moment 🙂 ) is a custom made one? It looks nice and your bra is fitting very snug


  2. No way! I am writing this comment on the SAME daybed you have! IKEA is taking over the world! I am so envious of your enormous cutting board – mine is tiny & I have to constantly scoot it around to trace patterns… Grrrrr!

    I love that you’ve taken on the swirly top name! 😊 Wow! Bras just sound so complicated, but a handmade one must be very comfortable. I love the fabric you used & it looks super professional! Maybe I need to give it a go after all…

    Excited to hear about Lapland!


    • Thank you! I use a Bernina 830 from the 70s (first with electric motor, I think) I inherited from my grandma. Great machine, and I give it to maintenance every 2 years so it stays that way. 😀


  3. Really good looking bra! I clicked myself over from burdastyles (was searching for bra making inspiration) when I noticed that you’re located in Finland! 🙂 Always fun to bump into locals over the sewing circles, hiya!


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  5. I’m so in love with your blog! I have just started sewing bloomers, bralettes and found you too!!! Looking forward to see more projects and your posts are very easy to follow and well explained!
    Thank you so much for sharing it with the world…
    Much love,


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