Back From Switzerland

On Monday PB (who needs a new name now) and I came back from a week on (sad and happy) family business in Switzerland. Although the trip had been planned already at Christmas, it turned out differently than expected. It was, nonetheless a good trip. When we landed we were amazed at how green everything was! It was also exceptionally warm (20-23°C) and everything was in bloom.

Blossoming Cherry Tree

This beautiful cherry tree is blossoming in the graveyard where my Grandma, and now Grandpa, are buried. This was on my Grandfather’s funeral day (hence the sad part of the trip). He had died one month before his 90th birthday, which had originally been the intent of this trip. It was such a stark contrast from what we had left behind in Jyväskylä:

Jyväskylä End of March – Very sunny, but the lake was still frozen

This is going to sound cheesy, but it was a comfort to me that on the funeral day nature showed all the force of renewal. It helped me let go and not feel guilty for being happy during the remainder of the trip. After all, it was my birthday only four days after the funeral. The sun was shining again in all its glory and it was a lovely 22°C. We spent the day eating, chatting and enjoying Spring.

Family Picture – Next to lake Thun, where I grew up

So it was a very bittersweet trip. To me it showed that while one life came full circle, many are just beginning and others, like mine, are in full swing.

Now I am very much looking forward for Spring to “explode” here in Finland too as it’s my favourite Season!


4 thoughts on “Back From Switzerland

  1. Oh Switzerland looks and sounds amazing. Can’t wait for the weather here to catch up! I heard that next week is going to be warm-ish, around +10s. Keeping my fingers crossed that the forecast comes true!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, but very glad you had such a positive end to the trip. It looks SO beautiful where you grew up – that lake is WOW! And Happy (belated) Birthday!


    • Thank you! Being pregnant also helped with a positive outlook, as it reminded me of the circle of life and that it’s just the way things go.
      Yeah, I guess I grew up in a pretty place. After all it’s a rather busy tourist town. But to be honest, I kind of got bored by mountains there. (What a snobbish thing to say 😀 ) But I truly love the lake!


      • I think that’s a really good & positive way to see things & I am so glad you’re okay.

        I totally understand! Living away from my hometown made me appreciate seeing the sky every day (it was super flat!), but I really don’t miss the town at all (& I don’t think I could ever live there again!)! I have a bit of a mountain obsession (mainly because I’ve never lived near them!), but I can understand them just becoming part of the everyday scenery after a while!


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