Summer Switch

Apparently someone found the switch to turn on Summer. On Friday last week I was still wearing my guilty coat and rainboots, it was raining and under 10°C. Then BAM! on Monday it was sunny all day (which currently lasts 18.5 hours) and 31°C! I’m not complaining, though! Together with the weather the plants changed:

Suddenly the Grass is Green!

This is a house close to the city center. I love how it contrasts with the green! And green there is plenty to be had:

Juicy Green!

It’s so nice to see this colour after the long grey and brown period we had. But that’s not all, there are even some trees in bloom:


Aaaah, if it stays this way, I am extremely happy to be here this Summer. But let’s not get my hopes up too high, on Tuesday it’s supposed to get to 10°C again. 😦 But until then I’m enjoying with all my might! Today we’ll have a BBQ, and I prepared some traditional Swiss BBQ side: potatoe salad! It’s not a BBQ if there’s no potatoe salad (even if the Finns don’t seem to be aware of this fact).

Potatoes Salad – Closeup

Preparing this is easy, if a bit time consuming. Basically you boil, peel and slice the potatoes, add broth, mayonese, mustard, spring onions, white vinegar (I use wine vinegar) and salt (if needed), mix well and let stand for a while to let the flavours get absorbed into the potatoes. Yum!

Sorry, gotta run, there’s a tomatoe salad still to be made!

P.S: my outfit is self-made, will blog later.


6 thoughts on “Summer Switch

  1. 10C on Tuesday! Really? I hope not… Anyway, lovely pics. I really should stop being lazy and take some pics when I’m out… That potato salad looks and sounds yummy. I wish I could go but indeed began feeling sick around 7-8pm so its a good thing I was home. It sounds like you had a great time nonetheless. (:


    • Well, they said the same about last Thursday, so I’m still hopefull! 🙂
      I’m so sorry you keep feeling bad. 😦 I really hope it’s going to b over soon! On a positive note: Finland won, so it was definitely also worth staying home for the match!


  2. Hurray! The sun reached you at last! That potato salad looks sooo tasty – I think I know what we will be having for tea tonight with some salmon!


    • Sadly it’s gone again, but I’m sure it’ll be back soon! Also, we’re going to Sicily next week, so…
      The salad was yummy, but way too much as usual.
      How’s life in Singapore?


      • Oh no! I’m sure the sun has just zoomed off to Sicily and is warming up the sea for your arrival! I made the salad and it was super tasty with smoked salmon – yum! Thank you! Singapore is fine – extra hot at the moment (although I feel like I always say that!), but I’m trying to plan us a trip to Siberia in the autumn, so that is keeping me happy! Hope you have a great holiday in Sicily! The food looks amazing there!


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