Nursing Nettie Hack

As I said in the Jenna cardi post (way back in October) I desperately needed tops suitable for nursing. But I really prefer bodysuits in Winter. (Long torso + normal length cami = exposed mid-section as soon as I sit down = Arrrrgh!) Enter Nettie and So Zoe’s Coco pattern hack!

As so many others did, I immediately bought the Nettie as soon as I had heard of it. I therefore got the version with the wrong sizing. Not a problem in the least for me, as I was heavily pregnant at the time and had bought the pattern for later use anyway. When that later arrived (ca. 1 month after giving birth) I totally failed on several fronts.

Firstly, I didn’t measure myself and enthusiastically/naively/vainly just went with my pre-pregnancy measurements. After all, I was feeling and looking great! Granted, I had (and still have) a more hourglassy figure than before (which I love, btw), and I was still 6kg over my pre-pregnancy weight, but somehow my sleep-deprived brain on post-pregnancy hormones didn’t apply this fact to a possible increase in sizes. -.-

Secondly, I also totally didn’t apply the corrections in sizing that Heather provided. DERP!

Thirdly, I didn’t follow Zoe’s suggestion on the placement of the opening and cut the outer overlap for below the breasts (like a shelf bra), with the inner overlap over the breasts. I thought the seam would cut into the soft breast tissue and create an unflattering look. Well, I was partially right on that, but the overlap shouldn’t be too big, as otherwise it’s very difficult to access the bewbs. So, double DERP!

Luckily I tried the whole thing on before attaching the bindings and sewing the crotch. Unsurprisingly, it was too tight. But only after I almost couldn’t fit it over Berta did I start to swear (internally). It was now totally clear that this thing was never going to be wearable. So I re-printed and re-assembled the PDF (as for once I hadn’t traced -.-), took my current measurements, took a veeeerrrry careful look at the new sizing suggestions and as a result cut the pattern two sizes bigger. I also followed Zoe’s suggestions to a T this time.

Thankfully, this resulted in an almost perfectly fitting nursing bodysuit:

Nursing Nettie Bodysuit – Front view

Almost perfectly only because the shoulders are too narrow (a known issue of this pattern by now). Zoe’s hack works very well:

Nursing Nettie Bodysuit – Front view in “action”

I love the bum coverage of this pattern, no VPL, no sneaking into butt-crack during the day.

Nursing Nettie Bodysuit – Back view

The narrow shoulders are clearly visible in the above shot. I have no reason to put the next picture, apart from “look at all that hair!” of the bean, and I somehow feel I always should put a side view of my garments:

Nursing Nettie Bodysuit – Side view

Luckily the Nettie is a very fast make, even with the nursing hack. This way I was able to make two versions within one week (while the MIL was still here). I have been wearing them constantly and I desperately need another one. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to sew at all since the Italian Nonna left (that was October 14). That is, until last week, when the Swiss Grossmuetti (Grandma) visited. First, no sewing machine in Paris, and then massive exhaustion due to a suddenly much worse sleeping/feeding pattern of the bean. But did I sew what I needed when I had the occasion? Of course not, that would be too logical now, wouldn’t it? I quickly made a Hollyburn, but that’s for another post. (Somehow this sentence reminds me of a recurring one in “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende… 😉 )

For the next version I plan to hack the pattern even further, making it with raglan sleeves and ballerina neckline. The bean has been slowly going back to longer stretches without feeding, which means I get more sleep during the night, which means I don’t nap as much during daytime. I am therefore quite optimistic about getting to sew more. Now I just need to kick my social media habit amd it will be smooth sailing…


A Dedicated Sewing Space!

In my last post I kinda sorta said this post was going to be a house tour. But first I will stick to the most important room of them all. Now, if you read the title this will come as no surprise: it’s the sewing room! It’s the first time I have a room solely for sewing. (Which is not entirely true, as will be evident later.) But anyhow, since I’m the only one using it, it’s the room where I can be as kitschy as possible I want, as evidenced by the following picture:


Yep, even the computer is pink

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep it this organised once I unpacked all the boxes and started sewing… Normally it looks more like this:

My Sewing Space – As it looks in use

My Sewing Space – I’m messy, what can I say…

Quite different, isn’t it? First of all, I had to give up the idea of being able to keep the sewing machines in the same spot and ready to sew at all times. I somehow only realised after moving that there is not enough space in the room for a cutting table. But luckily the cutting mats I own (they are connectable cutting mats from Olfa) fit exactly on the built-in tabletop. Even more luckily, the tabletop is at a perfect height for cutting. So I use the table to cut and sew (often at the same time).

But what kind of room has built-in cabinets at perfect height for working standing up? Well, it is a housekeeping room, that’s also why there is a sink in it. Which is, in turn, the reason why it is not solely for sewing anymore:

My Sewing Space – Plus changing table

We also use it for changing the bean’s diapers. Here in Finland it’s common to just wash the baby’s behind under the faucet instead of using wipes. Also, this particular faucet is ideal for such a purpose.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. In the cabinets above the sink I keep sewing notions (green baskets), some of my yarn stash (kitschy self-made box) and Burda magazines. I hope one day to be able to have this level of organisation in the rest of the apartment…

Never going to happen! I mean, not even the other cabinet is as well kept:

My Fabric Stash – Overflowing, as usual

At least the fabric is divided by types. Plus, I managed to take advantage of the move and measured, labelled, photographed and made a database (using Memento) of all my fabrics and patterns. But I think I might write a separate post about this project (what worked, what didn’t).

The space was obviously already mostly furnished, I only bought an office chair with wheels and (finally!) a full length mirror:

Hello There Stash Overflow!

Perfect for helping with fitting (I hope). Even though I had hoped the same of Berta (my custom dressform), who is modelling a botched Nettie bodysuit and a Rae skirt (both to be blogged later). Well, that didn’t work. But a girl can hope, right?

Anyway, that’s more or less my sewing space. Not that I get to use it so much lately. I’d say we mostly use it for the other activity mentioned in this post. 😉

Next post: the rest of our home. Until then, have a good one!