It’s been quiet here for a long time. Naturally a lot has happened.

First you might be happy to know that we returned safely and uneventfully to Europe.

Then, we started the bean in daycare, so I could finish writing my master thesis. (that’s done and over with)

The reason to do it this academic year instead of the next is this:


(but if you follow me on Instagram you knew already)

Right now I’m one week past due date. The waiting and not being able to plan drives me nuts, so I could as well write a blog post. 😀

Other than that I have made some things, mostly knits. Continued cooking every day, baking occasionally and became a Konmari convert. This last bit to the dismay of phd, who loves to hang on to everything.

I might resume blogging at some point, like when the turtle (the 2nds belly name) starts daycare. Right now I have to prioritise my time and blogging has (sadly?) not become one of the most important things in life.

I still enjoy bragging about my life and stuff that I make, but I do it on the much faster Instagram, so feel free to follow me there. (I’m lazylinchen on there).

Bye! :*