Swoosh and It’s a Year Later

Hello! Much has happened.

The turtle just turned 13 months old and has started walking today. Of course all the necessary steps before that have also happened. Like rolling, scooting, crawling etc. He’s eating and sleeping through some nights.

The bean is now talking in sentences. This happens in (mostly) Italian, (some) Swiss German, and (we’re told good) Finnish. He also expresses his opinions freely and loudly. Just like a typical almost 3-year-old.

The PhD (perfect husband and dad) obtained a high-profile research grant from the European Union. He’s now plagued with a lot of bureaucracy.

That was for the family, the rest of this probably rambling post will be about me. Me, me, me! 😛

After 15 years, I finally graduated with an MA in English. Yayyyy!

I also started psychotherapy  for my post partum depression. Which began around 4 months after the bean’s birth. It seamlessly became an antenatal depression when I was expecting the turtle. To then stick around for round two of post partum depression with added anxiety. Since January I’m on SSRI (a type of antidepressant). Thanks to these measures, plus a lot of support from basically everybody (but especially PhD), I am now coping again.

Other stuff has also happened. Of course we were traveling. Of course I cooked. And of course I crafted.

But the intention of this post was about something that didn’t happen. Namely I didn’t get back into shape. I had given my jeans one year to fit me again. They decided they’d rather look for a new home. Their loss! 😀

But within the last month five or six people congratulated me for being pregnant again. I am not. After what happened last year, I’m done!

But they do have a point:


Belly 1 year after giving birth – not 3 months pregnant

Ergo, I have to become ActiveAline.

After some research I came across the MuTu system (not an affiliate link). I did the test and found out that I have a 3 finger wide diastasis recti. So starting from today, I am doing the 12 week program. I intend to document my progress here. As one does. So the warning:


Or not. Who knows if I can stick to documenting. I will stick to doing it, though!



2 thoughts on “Swoosh and It’s a Year Later

  1. Hey LIebi, Ich krieg bsunders in der Badi au immer wieder erwartigsvolli Blick, öb ächt do es Drittes unterwägs isch-nei, isches nid und wird au nid. Mi Spalt isch genauso gross wie Dine und bishär schaff ichs nid, irgendwas dergäge z unternäh. Mini 3-4 Monatswampe wird au nid kleiner….
    Und der Räscht- ich wünsch Dir alles, alles Guete, dass es Dir bald wieder viel besser goht. Bi uns sin die erschte zwei Joor zu Viert au rächt schwer gsi und ich dauererschöpft….aber, es wird wirklich besser, sit e paar Monat het sich vieles entspannt und ich ka die glaine au wieder gniesse….härzlich


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