Though I am a trained librarian, I currently run a very small business with 3-5 part-time employees. We serve 2 very demanding customers, also known as my 2.5 year old son “bean” and almost 1 year old son “turbo snail”. The business is co-run by “PhD” my perfect husband and dad, who is a mathematician by day and supreme nanny by night.

I’m from Interlaken, Switzerland. PhD grew up all over Italy. Our current home base is Jyväskylä, Finland. We travel a lot thanks to an awesome research grant. If we come to your part of the world and if you feel like hanging out, contact me: lazylinchen at  gmail .

This blog is about what interests me: food, sewing, knitting, travel and recently organizing while trying to stay sane.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kiitos for sharing! I´m looking forward to your future posts and hearing more about Finland and Jyväskylä.




  2. Hi there! This is Kat, from The Monthly Stitch. I’ve been trying to find your email address to let you know – you won the giveaway for the Jenna cardi pattern from Muse Patterns! 🙂

    Can you please email me macska at gmail dot com so we can send that to you? Thanks! 🙂


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