Laterblog Vol. 1

…I finished this coat already some time ago… Yeah, well… I could repeat again about why I bother to blog it so much later, but you know, I’ve said it before. So from now on, out-of season pictures will not be commented on further.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (I’m Lazylinchen there as well), or have read my last post, this coat must look very familiar.

Fashion Shoot! – Well, probably more like catalogue…

It has taken up my sewing time and instagramming since before Christmas. But that is not even half of the time this garment has lingered on my to do list. Since my long cropped sweater post we all know my projects may take rather long to get done.

This project started its “life” in 2009, when it was published in the August issue of Burda Style. Yes, more than 5 years ago. Both the style lines, as well as the huge hounds-tooth fabric really appealed to me.

First Coat Ever!

Nothing came of it, though as I quickly got distracted by other projects. But then Project Runway season 8 happened. I was/am a huge fan of Mondo‘s work, which felt so fresh and new to me (still does). At that point I remembered the coat and the oversized hounds-tooth print, which I felt could have come straight from his collection. Shortly after, I happened upon this fabric and subsequently traced the pattern. I might even have bought elbow length suede gloves to wear with the 3/4 sleeves…

Then I stalled for the next 4 years. I would get the pattern out every Autumn, read the instructions, get intimidated and postpone to the next year. After all, the fabric was just too precious to mess up.

Glimpse At Lining – Can you believe that we forgot to take pictures of the back? -.-

But last Autumn when I was organising my stash after the move to our new place, I was suddenly over the fabric. So I pulled the pattern out and started cutting. No muslin, because I thought this design is very forgiving in terms of fit.

As for the construction, I took it very slowly and followed the instructions closely. They were usual Burda, but I used the German version, which I suspect makes more sense (plus, I learned to sew in school using Burda). For the collar and lapel, both upper and lower pattern pieces were the same, then (as per instructions) the lower pieces were just eyeballed and pinned to the correct (smaller) size. Apart from that, it was pretty straight forward. For the lining I tried to reduce bulk by eliminating as many seams as possible, as I used polar fleece instead of lining fabric.

I fused the facings and collar only, and in hindsight, I should have block-fused the whole coat, as the fabric is quite shifty (it’s loosely woven cotton) and creases easily.

I took quite a long time to decide on the closure. I should have done bound buttonholes, but I forgot and then it was too late. Regular machine buttonholes didn’t work, the four layers of fabric (I used 2.5 cm seam allowances) plus interfacing were just too much for my machine. In the end I cheated and used big snaps, sewing the buttons on as decoration.

Apart from being the first ever coat I made, there are quite a few firsts for me on this project: first time sewing a flap pocket, first lapel collar, first time sewing a 90º angle.

Collar Close-up

I wore the coat only a few times, as by the time it was finished, it got too warm for it. I had very mixed reviews from people. It seems that either they love it for the boldness, or they don’t get it as it is quite big. I for my part am insanely proud of my coat and love wearing it. Plus, it can even accommodate the little one!

TL;DR I made a coat and am gloriously proud of it!

Now I will have to wait for a long time to put it on again, as we are currently away in Madrid for 6 weeks on another work trip, then on to visit the in-laws in Sicily. If you have any fabric and/or notions shopping tips, for any of the two locations, I’d be very happy to hear them!



Obviously my pregnancy was me-made, but in this case I refer to the me-made clothes I wore… 😛

After my last post it took the little one another 9 days to make an appearance. Which means he was born 10 days after his due date on September 6 at 8:54 in the morning. I won’t bore you with my birth-story (which has no gory details in it anyway, it was rather smooth). It’s the outcome that counts. In this case a healthy and quite lively boy, who will henceforth be called the bean.

We are slowly adapting to the new life. Sleep is less than before, of course, but not too bad. What surprises me is that, while it is exhausting, as I had anticipated, it is also quite fun. Which I didn’t expect for at least 3 months after birth… So good on me for having honest and straightforward momma-friends! Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work and I don’t get anything done (thank goodness my mother-in-law is here to take care of everyday things such as laundry and cooking!). But it’s also quite nice to be a mum.

Anyway, emotional ramblings are done now. This post is going to be about what handmade clothes I wore during my last trimester. If you came here for cute baby pictures, sorry! PHD (Perfect Husband and Daddy, who more than deserves that title) and I decided not to post pictures of out child on the internet. At least not those that show his face. There are too many creeps out there.

Anyway, the clothes! Just a quick rundown, as some of them I have blogged about before, some are described on Burdastyle, and some are just very easy and I will link to the tutorial. First up, a dress that I especially made for pregnancy, using this tutorial on Do It Yourself Divas:

Maternity Maxi

I didn’t have an old t-shirt to use as the top part, so just made a cropped version of the Plantain shirt and followed the tutorial from there. Very comfy to wear on days where it wasn’t too hot.

The same can be said about the following (non-maternity) maxi dress, Sewaholic’s Saltspring:

Sewaholic Saltspring

I blogged about this dress here. While it fit ok, it got a bit snug around the bust towards the end.

Another dress that I made especially for pregnancy is this BurdaStyle maternity dress 132 from the June 2010 issue:

BurdaStyle 06/2010 #132

Sorry for the wrinkles. This one was quite the disappointment. I went with my pre-pregnancy measurements, which were considerably smaller, and still it came out way too large! I took the back in by about 6 cm in total and added elastic to the empire line to keep things secure in the front. As you can see it was still too big in my last trimester. However, I wore it anyway, as it was perfect for the heat wave we had going on here this summer.

Other than the above dress, my Colette Crepe was my saving grace in the heat:

Colette Crepe

I wrote about this dress on Burdastyle here. I was quite surprised to find it was working as a maternity dress, but I guess that is thanks to my long torso. Apparently Colette patterns tend to be short in the torso, so on me this workes as a kind of empire waist dress, which is quite ok for maternity wear.

The last dress (I didn’t wear pants much, as it was just too hot) is the Tiramisu by Cake Patterns:

Cake Patterns Tiramisu

Again, I blogged about it here. It was one of the most comfy ones, as it’s a knit. Now I’m wondering if it would also work as a nursing dress/top. Will have to test and report back on that.

Other than that, nothing much happened sewing wise, the move and giving birth kind of interfered with that. So that’s it for now! (Whew, managed to write this post all in one go during one of the bean’s naps!) Have a good one you all! Hopefully ’till soon!


Warning: some maternity related content ahead (well, actually just pictures). Plus sewing and knitting. Don’t complain afterwards that I didn’t tell you!

While I was initially sad that I had missed the sign-up for Me-Made-May AGAIN, I’m quite happy now. I didn’t really have time to take pictures all week, though I’ve been wearing a me-made-item every day so far. That’s not as difficult as it may sound, as I’ve stayed home most of the time, writing parts of my thesis (deadline met, thankyouverymuch). Well, when I’m home, I’m wearing lounge pants, and since I own only me-made ones, that’s kind of cheating, I think.

Nonetheless, I’d like to show some of the self made clothes I am wearing right now. (Nonetheless… pfffff… can you tell I just wrote a heck of a lot of academic stuff?). Since I started sewing again, I don’t like to shop anymore. Maternity clothes are no exception. So I make do with what I have on hand until I get some new stuff done.

Lounging Outfit – Courtesy of BurdaStyle

The outfit above is apparently my lounging outfit. The top is the Burda Style 02/2013 top #113, the bottom is my second (unblogged) rendition of the Burda Style 08/2011 pants #130. While the top is perfectly fine to wear as is, let me show you a little secret:

Keeping It Loungey – Keeping it Loose

I can’t close the pants anymore. But since they stay up even partially unbuttoned, I don’t see why I shouldn’t wear them. Neither of the patterns are maternity patterns, but work quite well at this stage of pregnancy.

My swirly top is another one of those non-maternity patterns that work perfectly fine with a bigger equator:

Goofing Around in My Swirly Top – Burda Style 01/2014 #122

Another one is my Colette Chantilly:

Colette Chantilly – Worn as maternity dress

Thanks to the inevitable body-changes, I now actually fit the bust even without a padded bra (that I can’t stand wearing atm anyway). Also, due to my freakishly long torso it’s an empire-line dress, which is probably why it made me look a bit stumpy. But I’m not complaining too much, I feel extremely cute when wearing it now because it’s just the perfect bodice length with a bit of a bump.

I know I styled it in exactly the same way as in that first post, but that’s how I’ve always worn it so far. The Peggy Sue is just the perfect cardigan for this dress. Plus, it’s now the perfect length, just above the bump. It is so great, that I made a second one:

Talking of Keeping it Loungey – Very Loose front

This one is done in a different yarn (ravelry notes), and it stretched a lot when blocking. It looks like a completely different cardigan, but I love it!

Talking of Keeping it Loungey – Very Loose back

I like the back view a lot better (and not just because my face looks weird in the first picture), it kind of reminds me of a swing jacket.

So these are some of the outfits I wear recently, with lots of repeats. But I’m currently sewing my first maternity dress, which should improve things a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice mother’s day!

Making Clothes Again

Yep, I sewed. I finally managed to get myself out of my slump. Maybe it helped that the sun had been shining for three days in a row. Or maybe it was Tasia’s post on her bra making class. Or the fact that, despite the sun, it is still too cold to wear my “swirly top” (as nishiink named it) on its own and I needed a white layering shirt. Anyway, I made two garments, taking full advantage of the fact that PB was out of town, and my newish (and empty) cutting table:

Ikea Hemnes Daybed + Door ( – Handle) = Cutting Table – Ideal height for lazylinchen

First, I made the aforementioned layering shirt, using BurdaStyle pattern #112 from the February 2010 issue (I had previously made a pyjama top with it, so didn’t have to trace). Re-making things is a good way to get me sewing, I should remember that more often. The top is nothing special, it’s just “cake“. I was joking recently that I mostly sew cake, not enough frosting, which results in a mostly gray and navy and very boring wardrobe. Anyway, the top has a boatneck and raglan sleeves and is therefore perfect to be layered under the swirly top:

BurdaStyle magazine top #112 02/2010

It was very easy to put together, all in all it took me maybe 2 hours (with breaks for youtube inbetween).

But speaking of wardrobe staples: I made my first bra!

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Nautical style

It’s not my first time sewing underthings, as I made quite a lot of cheeky panties already (it’s a great free pattern and sooooo comfortable!). But this was my first try at a bra.

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Back view

As with the cheeky panties, the verdict is: sooooo comfortable! I used the Jasmine pattern from Ohhh Lulu. It consists of only three pattern pieces and is insanely easy to sew. I used some jersey remnants from my gray layering shirt and a shirt I never blogged. I slightly changed the pattern layout as I wanted to have chevrons in the front. For that I cut the fron center panels on the bias instead of on the straight grain. I also used some ribbon to cover how I attached the straps:

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Back detail

I attached the straps in the back last, because I didn’t have the rings and doodads needed to make an adjustable strap. But to be honest, it fits so well I wouldn’t even need the straps. So next version is going to be strapless. While this looks rather nice, I also wanted to make it completely reversible, just to see if I could. So I did!

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Reverse side

This side is admittedly less exciting, but I am proud nontheless that it worked! And that’s also the reason why I didn’t put in any bra closure (though I had one).

Ohhh Lulu Jasmine Bra – Reverse side back view

I am blogging this a week late, but I just needed to share! I see many more of the bras in my future life, as I really started to detest wearing underwire bras. This is comfortable and still gives me enough support. Plus, it’s a great project to use up those scraps! But enough said for now, I’ll be back soon with a post about our second trip to Lapland!

Could I Be Addicted?

It seems I have a severe sewing addiction. When packing for the Christmas holidays, I included several patterns that I need to trace. More patterns in fact, than clothes. Not in volume, but in number. Since this is the step I dislike the most, I figured, I’d take the advantage of not having a sewing machine around, but still get something done sewing-wise.

Then, as soon as I arrived in Switzerland, I bought the January edition of Burda Style magazine. Of course I went to this awesome fabric store in Winterthur (the one I bought the fabric for the Voyager shirt from) and might have bought 10 meters of different colourful jersey (Ooops! Destashing seems impossible…). Two of these ten meters were a purple/off-white stripe viscose/elasthane, destined for top 122 on the cover of said Burda magazine.

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 – front view

When I confessed about all of the fabric to my Mamma, she said: “If you want, I’ll bring my sewing machine along for the Christmas holidays.”


So on Sunday before Christmas I went to work, and within 1 day I had a new (stroke inducing when viewed on skype) shirt. I loved the effect the gathering gives to the striped fabric:

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 – front detail

It was super easy and fast to put together. Matching the stripes took some time, granted, but I think that’s what makes the difference between “nice” and “WOW!”. Plus, it makes me proud and happy. So there!

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 -matched stripes side view

I really like the construction details of this top, even from the back, where stripe matching was impossible/unneccessary:

BurdaStyle 01/2014 top #122

BurdaStyle 01/2014 #122 – back view

So it seems I can’t even spend ten days without sewing. Should I worry?

(P.S: My life is currently awesome, as these pictures were taken today at 20°C in the Circus Maximus, with the Palatin in the background.)

More Sewing!

If you were waiting for a “getting settled” update, I’m sorry. I am currently not so happy with my surroundings (I’m easily affected by weather, it turns out):

Grey, grey world

It’s cold(ish), grey and rainy outside. Also, since we changed to winter time the day has become considerably shorter, it being dark at 4.30 already. And it gets worse every day. I’m even looking forward to Christmas because that means it will get lighter and lighter every day after that. But enough of the whining. I manage to keep myself happy with (you guessed it!) sewing. So let’s focus on the happy thoughts, i.e. the new clothes I made.

First up, the inevitable By Hand London Anna dress. I’ve seen so many gorgeous versions out there. Most notably nishiink’s Tropicanna, Deer Anna, and the Lovestory, as well as, all of Sewbusylizzy’s versions. Seriously, go google image the Anna dress.

I had read that most people had troubles with the back neck gaping, plus I wasn’t sure about sizing, so I made the following version as a wearable muslin out of some stash fabric:

A Purple Anna – Made from viscose flannel

A Purple Anna – Side

A Purple Anna – Back

There is some gaping, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I cut a size 8/12 on top, tapering to a size 10/14 on the waist, using a size 10/14 for the bottom. I could have stuck to a straight size 8/12 for the whole dress, as I took it in quite a bit at the back in the waist and skirt afterwards. I should have done a swayback adjustment, as there’s a little pooling in that area, and the hem is unintentionally hi-lo. However, all in all I like it, but I’m not as enthusiastic about it as other people. Maybe it’s the dark and boring fabric, maybe it’s that I’ve seen too many versions by now, who knows.

As you can see, I’m wearing the Anna layered with a long-sleeved shirt. As I don’t have enough of those, I went ahead and finally made some. I had recently seen some nice renditions of the top 123 from Burda Style issue 09/2012, so chose that pattern. It was a rather fast make, taking me about 3 hours including tracing.

Burda Style 09/2012 – Top 123B

I made my usual Burda size 36 (which is 1 size smaller than the measurement table suggests). However, I should have gone with the size 38, as it is a bit snug. But I’ll mostly wear it layered under dresses, so that’s not such a big issue. I really like the neat look of the front neckline, though:

Burda Style 09/2012 top 123B – Neck detail

This is achieved by sewing in a facing. Unfortunately I messed up the back facing a little bit, so the keyhole opening doesn’t lay flat:

Burda Sytle 09/2012 123B – Back view

Again, not an issue under dresses. But then I wondered if a simple neck binding would also work (it does) and made another version just now. This took me even less time, having done the tracing already.

Burda Style 09/2012 123B – 2nd version

I widened this one at the side seams by about 1cm on each side, so it fits less snugly. The neckhole is big enough for my head to go through, and while it’s not as neat with the binding it’s still pretty nice:

Burda Style 09/2012 123B – Neck binding

The light grey one is a cotton elasthan blend, the darker one is an extremely soft and cozy cotton double-knit (which unfortunately doesn’t have too much recovery). The shoulder inserts for both are from some mystery fabric I got from the remnants bin. I rather like the textural detail it adds.

Both the Anna, and the tops were fairly quick makes. Something which I cannot really say about this next make. Ever since it was published in Burda Style issue 08/2011 I wanted to make this dress:

Burda Style 08/2011 dress 119

But I knew I wanted to line it, and waited for inspiration on how to go about that. Moreover, I wasn’t able to find the adequate length and colour invisible zipper. Then I decided one day late in September that instead of thinking about it, I would have to just try and wing it. So I worked on it pretty much through all of October. While cutting and sewing the shell and lining separately went really well, attaching the two to each other gave me some headache, but It turned out ok in the end. I even managed to find a zipper in the exact same colour, but it was neither the right length, nor invisible. So I tried my first centered zipper ever:

Burda Style 08/2011 dress 119 – Back

It’s ok enough, but I prefer the invisible one.

As I said, I lined it and decided to play with that a bit. I chose a sunny yellow striped acetate and used red bias tape on the facing edges:

Yay, colour explosion!

I also used the lining fabric for pockets, which I added using the pocket pattern piece from my Saltspring.

A Glimpse of the Sunny Pocket

Nobody will ever see it, but I know that there’s a bit of sun with me when I wear it. Which I did for the first time today. It’s nice and warm, as the turquoise fabric is cotton flannel. It’s quite cofortable as well, even with the high neck.

Again I made a size 36, with a 3cm seam allowance at the center back seam, which I ended up needing, so again I should have gone up a size. Let’s hope I’ll remember next time I make a Burda pattern!

Oh, can you believe that I forgot to include a garment in my September roundup? And it’s even one I love!

But that’s it for now. I’ll try and come up with a cooking post soon, as we’ve been having guests over every week recently, and I have been cooking up a storm!

Fixing And Finishing

PB’s Mamma has emphatically been requesting this post, so a sewing post it is again. Next one will be a food one, I promise!

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but the first 6 weeks of being back home, I was home alone. PB was working and attending conferences in Italy, and I had to prepare for the exam. But of course I couldn’t just study. I took advantage of being alone and would sew every day and mess up the whole apartment in the process.

I’d had ordered the Sewaholic Saltspring dress shortly before returning and immediately set out to make it. I was a good girl and used some silk/cotton blend poplin from the stash (originally intended for a Sencha). As I didn’t have a lot, I made the shorter version.

Sewaholic Saltspring

Sewaholic Saltspring – I just love the colour!

I hadn’t been sure whether this silhouette would suit me, but was convinced after seeing this picture. I didn’t have plans on making any more, because winter was/is approaching and I should be sewing winter stuff, not more summer dresses. But then I came across this Hawaiian print I brought home from our trip there when trying to find something else (which I still haven’t found). Plus I still hadn’t put away the pattern pieces, so it was clearly meant to be. I thought the print begged to be made into the maxi version:

Two Saltsprings Side By Side

Two Saltsprings Side By Side

I though it would be nice to see the two versions together, hence the above picture. I did a review of this pattern on, here’s the link to it: Saltspring pattern review.

Then I realised I still hadn’t made the lounge pants I had been planning to make since September 2011 (eek!). I had all of the necessary ingredients, so finally traced the pattern from the Burda Style magazine 08/2011. I hate tracing, so that’s what usually keeps me from starting a project (I trace all patterns). After this was done, the pants came together really quickly.

Stylish Lounge Pants – Burda Style 08/2011 #130

I still don’t know how to make interesting and/or artistic selfies, so tried to emulate the model’s pose from the magazine. I wrote a bit more about this project (plus more pictures) on burdastyle.

Speaking of taking my time to execute my sewing plans. Cake Patterns have just announced the 1 year anniversary of their first pattern, the Tiramisu dress. Incidentally, I had made my first version just three weeks before. I had planned to blog about it including a tiramisu recipe. However, I didn’t  have good pictures of the food version, so postponed. I will upload the recipe at one point, but for now there’s just the dress:

Cake Patterns Tiramisu Dress - Happy Birthday!

Cake Patterns Tiramisu Dress – Happy Birthday! (Sorry for the crappy picture)

Again, I was a good girl and used stash fabric, which incidentally also was intended for a top. Why I would buy so much fabric for a top eludes me now, especially as it wasn’t cheap fabric. But I’m the happier for it now!

Seeing as how I was in a sewing frenzy, I turned my attention to things I had meant to fix for AGES (sounds familiar?). First, a Sewaholic Cambie dress I had made in summer 2012. Unfortunately, with this dress, my vanity got the best of me. Being used to going down one size from the Burda patterns, I looked at the finished measurements of the cambie and decided that size 4 was ideal (nope, 8 it would be). That was also before I found out about why you should add ease in a garment. Thanks to this dress, I now know why. While it was ok to wear while standing and walking, sitting got very uncomfortable very quickly. I looked fabulous, though:

Sewaholic Cambie Dress - Too tight!

Sewaholic Cambie Dress – Too tight!

The uncomfortableness is kind of visible in this picture. *suck in stomach* So I unpicked most of the dress, let out the front and back darts and added a new waistband:

Sewaholic Cambie Dress - Much better

Sewaholic Cambie Dress – Much better

Not as bombshell-alicious, but much more wearable! Then I tackled the dress with the opposite problem. The baggy Colette Chantilly. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to unpick anything to fix this. I essentially just took in the back bodice at the darts by a total of 3cm. Add in a new (padded) bra, and the dress fits much better now:

Streamlined Colette Chantilly

Streamlined Colette Chantilly

I also hemmed it, thus it’s a bit shorter than in the previous post. Now it’s fixed, I actually wear it (even with the cold weather we have at the moment). I combined it with tights and the PeggySue cardigan (now with buttons) to go to class, and got told by a classmate that I looked fabulous (his words). Ergo: it’s my favourite dress at the moment!

I got a bit exhausted after that and wanted something less prone to rushing. So I started to knit yet another sweater. One that would go with the stylish lounge pants. I had bought the yarn back in LA (free shipping…). It had been intended for a Sweatshirt Sweater, but I can’t seem to stick to any plans. I had also meant to try an Idlewood after I saw Tasia’s version. It’s a very unusual colour for me, but I kind of like it:

Yellow Idlewood - long sleeved, obviously

Yellow Idlewood – long sleeved, obviously (Ravelry notes here)

And that’s it. That’s what I made since coming back home. I am currently making an Anna dress (the pattern has finally arrived). I have to be careful with cutting the skirt pieces, as I have very little fabric. So I am stalling a bit. But for now: Have a good one!