I Made It! 

First, I made it through giving birth, with subsequent post-dural-puncture headache, followed by a sinus thrombosis caused by said birth. (Let’s just say I’m grateful for living in a country with excellent medical care) But what I really want to talk about in this post: I also made the deadline of this year’s outfit along by Andi Satterlund and Lladybird. Therefore I obviously made some clothes. Here’s the outfit:


Trying out a slightly fashiony pose 😀

The outfit consists of a boxy lace top (the free Cancùn pattern) and the official outfit along pattern, Sewaholic’s Hollyburn. I made both patterns with only minor modifications.
The reason I didn’t use the official knitting pattern: a top in fingering weight yarn was just not going to happen with a newborn.

I knit the top longer than the pattern by knitting two more lace panels and two more rows each garter stitch panel. During blocking it stretched out a lot and it’s almost tunic length instead of waist length as planned. It’s also way to wide. So if I ever make this again, I’d  cast on less stitches, knit pattern as is and maybe knit it in the round. It was a quick and easy top to make, so that might actually happen.

I made the Hollyburn in a size 10. The only modification I made: I swapped the (too wide) waistband with the (just right width) one of the Cambie dress. The skirt wants to ride up a bit at the moment, thanks to the little belly I still have. Construction wise I have nothing to say that hasn’t been said in the Hollyburn sewalong.

But I do want to say how much I love the fabric of this skirt! It doesn’t look so extraordinary from afar, but look how awesome it is close up:


Tiny skulls!

A little nod to my teenage goth self. 🙂

Ha! And finally I also made it to write a blog post.