That’s the reaction I get from my spouse whenever I publish a sewing post. But hey, I need to satisfy my boasting needs on here, as it would be way to obnoxious to do so in real life! So here goes, two quick makes from recently. First up, a redo of an old favourite:

Burda Fashion 01/2009 #125

Here’s a picture of the old, and now sadly holey rendition:

Burda Fashion01/2009 #125 – Photo taken from my post on the pattern on

This was actually the first thing I sewed after I took up sewing again. In hindsight, it was probably a bit too advanced for me back then. But I didn’t know knits were supposed to be difficult, so I wasn’t scared of starting it. And then it turned out to be one of my most worn things! I should really get into that mindset again with the Watson Jacket I keep procrastinating…

Anyway, the new version is 10cm longer, but otherwise unchanged (well, the snaps are different, didn’t have any huge ones left). Making this, I realised how much my skills have improved since 2009! While it took me two afternoons to make this back then, this time it only took one and a lot less swearing (none, in fact)! I know this will get a lot of wear again, as it’s comfy and, while simple, still interesting enough to be worn by itself.

This next make is yet another pattern I’ve made before:

BurdaStyle 09/2011 #108A

I happened to have some time at my hand quite unexpectedly one day. So I went to the local fabric store, thinking I could buy something to make undies for me and PB. This way I could satisfy my urge to buy something, but still keep it to a minimum, as undies don’t require much fabric. But then I had to go look at the cut-off bins…! This is where I saw this happy striped rib knit in rainbow colours. Argh! and it was soo soft! ARGH! I debated a long time, but then I won and bought it. (You can’t really lose against yourself, can you?)

I was going to maternify this pattern, using So Zo’s tutorial. But then realised that the stripes wouldn’t match anymore. Which they HAVE TO! Yep, I’m that OCD about stripes by now… So I just made a regular version, hoping it will fit for some more time. I love how it turned out! I mean, look at this! Almost perfect stripe matching! (I said I needed to boast…)

BurdaStyle 09/2011 #108A – Stripes match up all around!

This is the third rendition of this pattern, and it’s the third with stripes. Here is what I wrote about this pattern’s first version on I think it lends itself to stripes beautifully. Plus, I wear a lot of stripes. My version of a print. (I used to wear black head to toe as a teenager, and have just recently (erm, last 5 years…) started dipping my toes into colours and patterns again)

There’s nothing like making a TNT (tried and true) pattern to get you back into sewing! So now that I have gotten reacquainted with sewing, I feel ready to try  a new to me pattern. Plus, I really need some maternity clothes, as I start showing a little. My jeans haven’t fit since month 3 (2 months ago), I have just been wearing them unzipped, using the rubberband trick I saw on maternity diy. I did buy 2 pairs of maternity jeans, but that’s the extent I want to keep it at. Now I should start on those maxi dresses I bought so much fabric for it extended my stash to unreasonable proportions…

BTW: the last pictures were taken just now, at 6pm. I love Spring here even more than before. Isn’t that light gorgeous!


On to Nicer Things – A Liebster Award!

There is a deadline looming on the not-so-distant horizon, so of course I’m writing a post! But it’ll just be a quick one. As it says in the title, I got nominated for a Liebster Award by nishiink! To save time, I will just give a very short overview of what it is (the post will be long enough anyway):

It’s an award to promote little known blogs (less than 200 followers). If nominated you have to answer 11 questions posted by the nominater, plus 11 random facts about yourself. Plus nominate 11 more bloggers you like.

Now this last one gives me a bit of trouble, as I mostly read the well-known blogs (the likes of Oonaballoona or Gertie’s blog), but I have around 5 lesser known but nonetheless awesomesauce blogs in my reader I’d like to share, which are:

Dominique of That Funny Mama

Julianne of Made by Julianne

Melwyk of Magpie Makery

Sophie-Lee of tworandomwords

Corinna of Swissette

If you have more than 200 followers or if you don’t do (or have already done) Liebster Awards, please ignore and please don’t feel offended!

My questions for you:

1. What is your favourite pastime?

2. What do you love cooking/eating the most?

3. What is you favourite fictional character and why?

4.  What do you like most about your life?

5. How do you manage your stash (if you have one)? (This is shameless digging for solutions…)

6. What is your favourite make?

7. Which part do you dislike most about creating?

8. Winter or Summer?

9. If you could choose from any animal that ever existed, what pet would you like to have?

10. Why do you sew/knit/create?

11. What is your favourite place on Earth?

And now here are my answers to the questions nishiink asked me:

1.  Why did you start sewing/knitting?

I had to learn at school. Handicrafts are a compulsory subject in my part of Switzerland. I also learned how to work with wood, stone and metal. However, since my Granma used to be a trained seamstress (though she never worked as one), sewing was kind of a thing in our family, so I stuck to it (it helped that my mum has a Bernina at home). I only (at first reluctantly) took up knitting again about 4 years ago, when my Granddad asked me to knit a pair of socks for him.

2.  What is your favourite book (or type of book) and why?

I love the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. I like them because of the humor and cross-references to (and twisting of ) literary and scientific traditions. It’s hard to pinpoint an absolute favourite out of the (currently) 40 books, but it’s usually either “Witches Abroad” or “Night Watch”.

3.  What was your dream job when you were a child?

It changed over time. At 7 years old it was hairdresser. But my mum let me know this wasn’t an option. When I was 15 (the age at which you are supposed to choose a profession in Switzerland) I briefly wanted to be a chef or a pharmaceutical assistant. Being a chef still kind of is a dream job of mine (but I know it’s a hell of a demanding job).

4.  Do you have any special skills?

No. I am delightfully average.

5.  Why do you blog?

I had initial illusions of grandeur, wanting to be the next Oona or Gertie. But I soon realised it takes a lot of passion and dedication, and I’m not really big on either (see question above). Then I moved from Switzerland to Finland and it’s become a way for me to show family and friends back there what I’m up to. And show off the stuff I make. I like to boast a little bit sometimes. 😀

6.  What is your proudest moment?

When I finally got a degree.

7.  And most embarrassing moment?

Too many to mention. I have severe foot-in-mouthitis.

8.  If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Teleportation! I love being in a new environment, but I hate the getting there part.

9.  What are you most frightened of?

Losing the ones I love.

10.  What do you find hardest about sewing/knitting?

Finishing. A dress can easily hang waiting for hemming for a several weeks. Same with weaving in ends.

11.  If you could visit any place in time, where would you go?

 Sooo many choices! Possibly I’d like to visit a cambrian Earth. Just to see what  it would look like without any vegetation and to see the shallow coastal seas.

For this next part I will cheat a little bit, taking the first five random facts about myself from the blog tag kessanlin had tagged me in a year ago:

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I’m the eldest of 3 siblings and therefore rather bossy and know-it-all sometimes. On the other hand I can be very protective and nourishing (literally).

2. While I love traveling, I’m not very easy to travel with, as I get cranky on trips. I only ever enjoy trips after they’re over. But then I really like remembering them. I guess I just need time to absorb everything I see.

3. I’m a librarian. However, I don’t particularly enjoy reading. Not more than any regular person anyway. I LOVED it as a child, and I even studied English literature at University, but right now I prefer to spend my time creating through handicrafts, rather than consuming. (And playing computer games)

4. I’m both a cat and a dog person. Heck, I’m a tarantula person! If we stayed put for long enough, I guess we’d get a zoo of animals.

5. My favourite ice cream flavour is coconut with lemongrass. There was a Mövenpick special edition some years ago that I just can’t get out of my head. *sigh*

6. I eat my Nutella sandwich with butter (everything’s better with butter!).

7. I trace all sewing patterns (except the pdf ones where one piece fits on 1 page).

8. This is going to be cheesy: PB (PH?) and I met on each other’s first day of work.

9. While I love animals, all my plants die miserably.

10. I would love to own a B&B one day.

11. I’m 21 weeks pregnant.

Back From Switzerland

On Monday PB (who needs a new name now) and I came back from a week on (sad and happy) family business in Switzerland. Although the trip had been planned already at Christmas, it turned out differently than expected. It was, nonetheless a good trip. When we landed we were amazed at how green everything was! It was also exceptionally warm (20-23°C) and everything was in bloom.

Blossoming Cherry Tree

This beautiful cherry tree is blossoming in the graveyard where my Grandma, and now Grandpa, are buried. This was on my Grandfather’s funeral day (hence the sad part of the trip). He had died one month before his 90th birthday, which had originally been the intent of this trip. It was such a stark contrast from what we had left behind in Jyväskylä:

Jyväskylä End of March – Very sunny, but the lake was still frozen

This is going to sound cheesy, but it was a comfort to me that on the funeral day nature showed all the force of renewal. It helped me let go and not feel guilty for being happy during the remainder of the trip. After all, it was my birthday only four days after the funeral. The sun was shining again in all its glory and it was a lovely 22°C. We spent the day eating, chatting and enjoying Spring.

Family Picture – Next to lake Thun, where I grew up

So it was a very bittersweet trip. To me it showed that while one life came full circle, many are just beginning and others, like mine, are in full swing.

Now I am very much looking forward for Spring to “explode” here in Finland too as it’s my favourite Season!