… To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before …

I have a confession to make. As a teenager I was a Trekki. I loved to watch the adventures in outer space and the new and exciting worlds that were portrayed. I watched all the series and films (it helped that my step-brother had all of them on vhs).

While now I cannot watch an episode without laughing loud and hard at the technobabble, the fascination with outer space has remained with me. So when nishi of nishiink! mentioned on her blog that Voyager 1 has left the solar system I was very excited! After a bit of chatting we decided to dedicate a space themed garment to Voyager 1 in celebration of this event. If you want to see hers as well as an description of what the Voyager probes are about, hop on over. Here is my make:

The Nebula Shirt

The Nebula Shirt

I had bought this fabric over a year ago back in Switzerland. I was shopping for nothing specific at the Bernina store in Winterthur, when I saw two sales clerks ooohing and aaahing over this fabric. I couldn’t help but join them. Unfortunately, I only got about 70cm as it cost an arm and a leg. Luckily that was just enough for a self drafted sleeveless cowl neck shirt.

Some of the longer term readers might already know that I am obsessed with cowl necks (1 and 2). So of course I had made ichigogirl’s cowl neck dress (link to the free pattern). However, it is a rather risqué neckline for everyday wear. Therefore I decided to draft my own, based on my knit sloper and a tutorial by Lakshmi Rajesh. While I have never blogged about them, I have made several shirts with this pattern. One of them has had several cameo appearances on the blog already (it’s the flowery top in my birthday post).

I had meant to make this nebula shirt ever since I bought the fabric, but the news about Voyager 1 has given me the needed kick in the behind to finally make it. While it’s a simple make, I think the nebula fabric makes this something special and worthy of a celebratory shirt.

And just for the fun of it:

You GO Voyager!

You GO Voyager!

P.S: The title is of course inspired by the Star Trek Enterprise opening Monologue. I thought it fitting, as Voyager plays a rather important role in one of the films…


17 thoughts on “… To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before …

  1. This is AWESOME! We are so cool with our space themed clothes! This fabric is amazing and I am so impressed that you managed to restrain yourself from buying the whole roll! I can already see the Anna dresses I would have made with it… I love what you did with the pattern – the higher neck makes the print stand out more too, so hurray! I’ve never ventured in to cowl territory before, so maybe I need to do so now…! And Trekkies are so cool now – have you seen the new films?


    • We are indeed! I feel so nerdtastic in my top. I kind of regret not having bought more, but I was trying to be a good girl and not increase my stash. After all I could get more later… Ah, well!
      Cowls make me feel instantly elegant, I don’t know why. And they are easy to wear, so win-win!
      I have seen the new films, but somehow I’ve moved on (suspense of disbelief is getting harder and harder) and while I still enjoy them, I can’t quite get into it as much as I used to.
      Did you see any of the movies? Voyager is part of the 1st movie from ’79.


      • You seriously have more self-restraint than me – I would have smuggled the whole roll out of the shop! I saw one of the older films a long time ago, but I don’t remember a great deal about it (my memory for films is pretty dodgy and I tend to mix them all up into one epic story) I do like the new ones too, but I think I prefered the latest one – I really can’t stand the guy who plays Kirk though! I desperately wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to take over… We’re off to see ‘The World’s End’ tomorrow – hurray for sci fi! 🙂


  2. Haha, you’re so cute/funny. Love the top. You’re right, that fabric looks amazing! And what a small world, I think I actually met nishiink when I went to some knitting meetup in Singapore!


    • 😀 kiitos samoin! How funny you should have met nishiink! I had thought about if it were possible, but then pushed it aside, thinking “there are sooo many people in Singapore, it’s not very probable”. Nice to be proven wrong!


    • Kessa! I’ve just seen your comment now! How strange to see you here! How was the wedding? Glad to see you made it back to Finland (I’m so jealous of all the cold weather you’ll be having now!) – maybe all knitters/sewists actually know each other? Lazylinchen, I would have thought the same thing too – apparently Singapore has a lot of people, but not a lot of knitters!


      • Yes, what a small world! How have you been? The wedding went well enough, I guess. (: Its snowing here now! But by January I’m probably going to be jealous of the warmer weather in Singapore. 😉


      • Oh! Snow! You are so lucky! It’s been a lot cooler here the past few days (hurray for rainy season!), but it’s still sweaty work knitting winter jumpers for my family in the UK! Very glad to hear the wedding went well! I hope you are both very happy indeed! 🙂


  3. What a great idea to celebrate Voyager in that way, and a wonderful result. I can see why you couldn’t resist that fabric! Such a perfect match of pattern & fabric in this top. I have some starry fabric that I might just have to make up into a blouse, following your inspiration…


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